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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Blog starts here

Well I've procrastinated three days in starting this. I recently responded to a blog that made me register. I'm a soldier in the MNARNG, currently operating in OIF III (OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM). I'm a 91 w (medic), serving with the 18th AIRBORNE, MNC-I Surgeon Cell out of Camp Victory. Located between the city of Baghdad and the BIAP (Baghdad International Airport), on the palace grounds of old Sadaam H. As a medic, my job will be to perform on the PDHA team (Post Deployment Health Assessment), these are health assessments that are performed on soldiers returning to the states. This covers soldiers general well-being along with physical and mental being. On our team we have 11 soldiers, OIC-NCOIC and 9 worker bees. Our team is than broken down into two teams, north and south. I'm team leader working out of FOB Speicher, my team consists of three other soldiers. We cover FOB's (forward operating bases) north of Baghdad to the border. Getting to and from our locations is provided by helicopter (UH-60's and CH-47) and military convoys, there can be interesting times. The temperature today was in the low 80's with a nice breeze. Now as the evening approaches we have overcast skys. Two days ago we had some wild weather, quick shower at dusk and than the winds really picked up. It was nice to have had shower as it helped keep the dust down. The winds were a steady 30mph and must have hit 50mph (apprx). You could almost lay into the wind without falling over. There's been a lot of new construction taking place, while heading back to our hooches for the nite we had to dodge steel siding flying through the air. When the sun came up in the morning there was not a cloud in the skies, temps cooled off nicely. On our way to work you could see biffies lying on there sides with the blue goo flowing. Things have been pretty slow as of late. Were in the process of eliminating our jobs and training units to take our jobs over. The big training push is coming which will take us throughout much of Iraq. That pretty well covers my existance in the Iraq.



Blogger Erik Holtan said...

You son of a .........
Tht blue goo tasted good for breakfast didn't it?
Kinda like a non frozen slurpy!
With little chunks of chopped up Snickers bars in it!
Oh that wasn't Snickers bars!

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