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Thursday, May 05, 2005

what the hell

I hope like hell that every blog I write won't have the negative impact that this one will have. Today in the wonderful world of Baghdad Iraq (Camp Victory), the weather upon waking was incredible, lows 60's and overcast. I got up and hit the pavement this morning, running for 30 plus minutes (3-4 miles). Its been hard to muster up energy to do so, numerous ailments and just shity attitude. My feet have been killing me for the past couple of months (must be stress fx in my feet), it takes about 15 minutes of apprehensive steps before I can hit the road. It doesn't help the inability to sleep d/t numb tingling hand pain and a room-mate that leaves his TV on all noc (sonofabitch). It reminds of my wife, shes a hell of lot pretty than my room-mate though. New threat warning persist daily and I'm surprised we all haven't had ourselves blown to hell. I've stated several times, its not if we get hit, its when we get hit. Are we, are you prepared to get hit. Myself and another soldier are going start eating take out to limit our exposure to packed Dining Facilities. Yeah, there's security at the entances but there's also security at the posts/gate entrances that a drunk contractor came through. Once through the gate the contractor was able to hide himself long enough to sleep off his drunkeness. When the vehicle was located it was found to have several rounds penetrating the vehicle. Now think of insurgents doing the same. This all stems from, I'm sure, to the Italian reporter that was shot. Mind you the bitch is a known communist supporter/reporter that the government of Italy just paid 10 million for her release. I' m sure the money will go to the local food shelves to feed the Iraqi people (wrong, its going to be used to blow the hell out soldiers and Iraqi citizens) , thanks Italy. I don't think Americans understand whether we fight for human rights or oil, it fuels the economy. You dumb F--Ks that think we shouldn't be here, you can fight when we get home. I will be standing in the same soup lines you will be and I'll be damned if your going to take food from mouths of my children. I'll kick your asses there too. Have a good day.


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