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Saturday, July 30, 2005


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Temperatue at 1300 hrs (1 PM), 122 degrees. Incredible clear blue skies, it feels like the sun will just burn right through you.

This is the only family photo that I recieved while in Iraq, so it will have to do.
Nikolaus-(age 15) oldest back right was pissed off because he missed baseball game that he was to play in. Best friend came into town to help around the house while I was in Iraq, he took family out eat. Oldest son thanked him by stomping around and having a temper tantrum.
Meghan (age 13) oldest daughter had same dispostion (but is a big NASCAR fan and keeps me up to date on racing, so I have to forgive her-she gets away with murder-damn her). 13 going on 30 and is helpless when it comes to helping with chores or helping anybody but herself.
Daughter #2 (Rebekka) bottom left is the sweetest thing in the world and would do anything for anybody. I feel sorry for her because she will be taken advantage of any position she gets into (my goal will be to encourage her to be more independent and stand up for herself). We enjoy baking cookies together. Yes Merrit were going to be making cookies at home.
Zakery #2 man of the house. We had car problems before I left for Iraq. He was my tool runner while doing maintenance. Every time MOM gets ready to go some place he goes thru a checklist of things for his mother ie checks under car for fluid leaks and tells mom to check oil while he goes around and kicks the tires (age 4- he knows more than 15 yr old) Being mechanically inclined I've tried to include him in on changing oil, brakes and other aspects of car maintenance with no success (I'll be 70 yrs old and will be changing his flats)
Olivia 2yrs on 6 Aug- Papa's princess. She has been waiting about a month now as Mom keeps telling her I'm coming home to celebrate her B-day. She stood in the picture window crying for 45 minutes yesterday, calling out my name (couple more days honey).
Matthew-(age 8)#1 man and helps mom around the clock with watching kids and changing diapers. Always asking if he can help. He will make a women happy some day. Thats the family

Big picnic to send 3 more people home today. Big dog and pony show as the General will be on hand. Talk about sucking up and kissing ass time. GOD! It makes me sick.

Friday, July 29, 2005


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Weather indoors and out-Office temp 86 degress indoors/outdoor temp 1300 hrs or 1:00 PM is 121.

Never really paid much attention the indoor temp and noticed this AM the temp was 86 degrees when I set out the thermometer. When I get home I'll make sure that I set the thermostat in the house to 86 so I can bring alittle bit of Iraq back home. Just as well save energy and money at the same time (lol). Four days to go before I head out for R&R. Last nite I packed up all the needless stuff that I've never used. Two duffels and one carry on, I'll be living on the light side when I return. Since I'v been here, I haven't worn one piece of civilian attire (civies) other than a pair of black shorts that I use for sleeping attire. My wife sent A T-shirt with an imprint of my two youngest children that is attached to blog. When I get home I'm sure I'll have to get a whole new ward-robe because I'm sure nothing will fit. Past deployments that I've been on I had to do the same thing. I remember before going how much stuff I just gave away in the thought if I didn't come back my wife wouldn't have a clue what to do with some of the things I had. Plus the little things the wife really doesn't need to know, RIGHT ERIK! I'm sure my wonderful wife would do the same, ie hide receipts of purchases and items that just magically turned up with no explanation ( hey did you buy that? no we bought that before you left, REMEMBER?) Yeah BS!

Thursday, July 28, 2005

K & M

I looked the information up when I got home last nite (they gave us literature on environmental and cultural, its very interesting). They handed them out at FT. Bliss when we came over and at that time they came up short, so not everybody got one. Soldiers have seen me with it and have asked where I got it, obviously not everybody got them through OIF I, OIF II and OIF III. Rains start in Oct and go through spring, at this time nite time temps also drop. There is a definite line where rain hits, in the southwest probably not much at all. East and North when we've flown over you can see nothing but watermelon fields (surprise). Iraq had been the worlds largest producer of dates before the many conflicts they had ie Desert Storm and OIF (Operation Iraqi Freedom). Northern Iraq averages 760-1000 millimeters (30-40 inches), while other parts of Iraq average 100-170 millimeters elsewhere in the country. 90 percent of the rainfall comes between Nov and April. The tea
m that Erik and I are on was made up at last minute. When we were informed that we were coming over we had to sign a voluntary waiver to stay 12-18 months. If we didn't sign, it would just have delayed the inevitable and the people that arrived before us would have had the opportunity to pick where they wanted and we would not have had any choice but pickup the openings. We were broke up into 3 destinations Kuwait,Afghanistan and Iraq. Mind you I didn't volunteer to come here, are team was half female and they decided they didn't want females here at the time (command decision). The majority of females have done a great a great job, I see no difference between males and females (OBVIOUSLY SOME STRENGTH ISSUES), but I have interacted with females in the chain of command and at times they garner more respect then the males (seen some real drip-shits). I know theirs talk about not putting females in combat but hell if they do that they just as well as prevent them
from voting or becoming President. Its hogwash, let them serve if they want. Its always nice to see the opposite sex, as it breaks up the monotony of things. YES, YES there can be quite a bit of sexual promiscuity but that goes in both directions (It takes two individuals to do the down and dirty, if you want to refer to the females as ------ and the males as dogs, yes, in every aspect whether your here or at home your still wh---s/dogs. Its all a matter of self respect. There is no definitive time frame for our return but the sooner we come home the sooner we would be coming back over. This means if we go home early, we may turn right around and come back. Christmas would give us a time to be with family over the holidays and keep us off a rotation (nobody knows). CHRISTMAS! would be a great timing in both aspects (that will make 12 mos, nice even number). It will also put me at about 22 yrs and they can kick me out or put me out to pasture lol. Erik on the other hand has anoth
er 6 years left. I would actually like to stay in and would not mind a return trip but need to spend time with kids before their gone. Children range from 2 yrs to 15 with a spread of about 2-3 yrs between for a total of 6. Can you believe that my wife actually hinted to one more, I think I dropped the phone (lol).

Tuesday, July 26, 2005


7/23 Blue skies and temp hit 116-evening skies were orange in color.
7/24 Duststorm/sandstorm-visability 1/4 mile. Inbound and outbound traffic at a standstill-evening the skies cleared up
7/25 116 was the high temp for the day
7/26 temperature at 1430 hrs was 118

Another day comes and another day goes, its obvious that I'm in a slump. Days are going by incredibly slow and prior to today, haven't had anything positive to say. 2 Aug is the big day for R&R, the date has changed a dozen times. Its a pain in ass to go home because you have to go through Chaplains brief ie don't go home and yell at wife and beat the kids, you know shes obviously doing things right or you would have found out by now. Also when go home don't kill yourself (suicide brief), I guess they want you to come back to get killed (fatalistic approach). I should change my attitude because Eriks starting to take on my role. The only difference is when I speak out of line he cheers me on . This way it makes it look like he's the good guy and I'm the bad guy. When he gets out of line I restrain him so he doesn't get his ass chewed to badly which also makes him look good. All I can say, I hope he survives my leave, everybody needs someone to keep an eye on, you find yourself doing and acting pretty strange at times. On my return our team will be down to 4, from the original 12. Work has eased but there are alot of loose ends that need to be taken care of before we leave our desert hide away. Anyway, everbody keep an eye on Erik's post and rein him in when he gets on a rampage (you find out theirs not a lot people who care because their in the same position).
Well tommorrow is a heightend security day so were all supposed to be on the alert. You would think when you carry your weapon and basically sleep with your weapon that you would also keep it clean so it will work. So the other day it was manadatory weapons cleaning day, so were ready, bring it on. With some of the attitudes I'd hate to be on the receiveing end, YIKES!

Friday, July 22, 2005


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Weather- Beautiful blue skies yesterday and today. Temp on the 21st of July hit 127, today temp is 128. Thermometer scale goes to 125 so its a guess after that. Need new thermometer which will go into effect tommorrow. Camp Victory official temp was 135 the past consecutive days (liars), I guess their looking for sympathy.

And you thought we couldn't have pets. Well? Its not in the amount of sleep its the quality of sleep. You could sleep 12 hrs or 3 hrs and feel like a king or feel like shit. Yesterday I was woke up after about 8 hrs and felt like shit. Being brought out of a deep sleep with the sounds of someone making love when its not you, can be disheartening (even when it wasn't love making). I guess men have a one track mind, even though they don't say so , its the truth. Men go through this kickstand effect throughout the noc, then to be awaken to this grunting sound, well. Erik, what the hell are you doing, situps, crunches and leg raisers (you SOB). Erik gets in these kicks and feels guilty about not exercising so he wakes up to grunt and fart for about 30-40 minutes once or twice a month(alright, so its more frequent but still surprising). It really doesn't matter how much he exercises I'll still kick his ass when it comes down to it. About the urine bottle episode, no I didn't drink it but just as well have. Erik stated he gave himself a sponge bath outside the door, every time he rinsed he smelled urine (like pouring water over hot rocks as in a sauna). This is why we piss in the bottles because it adds to cleanliness around the hooch area (living quarters). People may say its gross to piss in drink bottles but even more gross to walk thru where people have pissed everywhere. When the rainy season comes you will smell all the piss and stench from all the animals who randomly piss everywhere (at times it smells like a cat spraying its territory, mmmmmmmmmm!) Last nite I rolled around for about 30 minutes before getting up to pee in the bottle (I'm not well endowed but still in the dead of the nite it can be challenging to hit the hole and last nite happened to be that nite). Thats OK because without asking Erik mops the floors. I consider myself a neat nick but if he's going to clean the floors, I'm not one to object. Anyway, last nite before making to be of a mess, I told myself this just is not going to work tonite. So here I am walking across the room with my underwear at my ankles and hanging on for dear life because I had to cut off mid-stream with the other hand holding onto a bottle of piss to find the door locked (SOB). This is when you could use a room-mate. Well I managed to get the door open and piss under a full moon (it sure was pretty). After half hour of struggling to take a piss, I finally get settled down with the fan on high and blankets pulled up around head. God-damn-it! Now I have to take a shit. Two blocks later and now working on 1-2 hrs (SOB), here I sit pushing the lower half of colon back in place (SOB), now I lay in bed wide awake, now what the hell am I going to do (just layed there looking at the ceiling). I blame the hemorrhoid issue on Erik (no not talking about his gay tendencies but the literature he keeps leaving in the bathroom). I guess its a proven fact as you sit with the seat spreading your ass cheeks a part you develope hemorrhoids (SOB). As a good leader I'll have to wean Erik from this, we wouldn't want him going to sick-call and have him explain why two room-mates have the same problem (SOB). Besides that, when you think about it, it can't be healthy reading magazines that other people have wiped their asses and put back down. Every once in a while you will see (well, stains and hair, GROSS!), those son of bitches. By the way, I have seen Erik use his piss bottle to spit in and have to pull hair from his mouth, that sorry son-of-a-bitch.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Temperature today 122.5 don't want to cheat any and make shit up. The two previous days hit 122. Steady as she goes. Beautiful blue skies over the polloute skies of Baghdad.

Well its been a couple of days since I've written, there are reasons and thats so you don't get the real me. See, I've been told that my leadership style is one of threatening and intimidation, hmmmmm, its about right. I've been in a long time, having had to babysit adults (18 yr. olds - or in this case 27 year olds who act like 16 year olds), and at times it can be trying. This is why I got out of the Marine Corps after serving 8 yrs. The majority of soldiers getting into the service don't do it for God and country (don't let anybody fool you), they do it because they have run out of options. You wonderful parents that think you raised the perfect child, you will find out that your child is a missfit among missfits. Your perfect child just won't fit in (so that makes everybody in the army or any service a missfit - Yeah, ME TOO!). The attempt is made by putting everyone in a uniform and regulations for hair to make everybody the same, it doesn't work (not all the time anyway). We still find ways to isolate the missfits among missfits. I guess everybody thought the military was different from the everyday society. WRONG! Some of the reasons (some of the excuses for joining the service are- (mine)

1) To stupid to go on to college (me, I did eventually pull my head out of my
ass and went to nursing school after 30 yrs. Even made Deans List/NO SHIT!)
2) No money to go on to collge (Good one, these are the ones making excuses
not to be here. Stating how wrong it is to be here. These worthless people
are a joy to work with).
3) Parents unable to threaten their kids to get a life. Unable deal with (me)
even when you threaten to beat'em within inch of their life. (I was beaten
daily and would never do this to my kids but these are facts). Its always
easier to beat kids because you don't have time to justify or give logical
explanations for the ways of life.

There are all kinds of reasons and too many to state. All these honorable soldiers will probalbly be upset but if the truth hurts so be it. Thats why its so unbeleivealbe the outpouring of care packages for missfits, its great. People (wanna' be soldiers) and soldiers will protest (intimidatation stlyle) to this but than they will go to boot camp to be threatened and intimidated and that's reality. Thats why the military makes rules such as no alcohol or no this or that. If people were to state and do what they (protect missfits among missfits) wanted i.e. alcohol, where peoples inhibitions and their guards were let down, you can only imagine what would happen. Threatening and disiplining is what the miltary is about (missfits would retaliate), rules to protect soldiers and wanna' be soldiers. Fratracide does happen and there have been several instantances that have occurred here. Fratracide, if you don't know what it is, means killing your fellow soldier (NICE! REALITY CHECK) If you think you can stand on the pulpit and thump the bible or throw out incantations and get the same results your pretty naive (If you don't know what that means), your STUPID or just damn ignorant. This is also evident with insurgents taking family members and holding them hostage til their loved ones blow the hell out of innocent Iraqi's. I guess their running out of sacrifial lambs.

Now after all that, I'm going to tell you that I made a call home after 5 days, yes 5 days. My God! you would have thought the world was coming to an end. Now mind you, were talking 5 days which would give you the impression that I call home more frequently and that I do (almost daily). If I were to die they'd probally get word in a day or two, so obviously I'm alive. I have to laugh because when I made trips overseas 20 yrs ago, there was no such thing as email or phones for that matter (affordable). Yeah and if you think mail was faster 20 yrs ago your wrong, thats what has made this vacation here so much more fun(lol). It has made things a lot better or at least bearable. I couldn't imagine what things would have been like without communication because I'm not a big writer, meaning that my wonderful wife would have dumped me by now. Latest news, MILITARY DIVORCE RATES UP 80%, yeah reality speaks so keep sending care-packages because thats where the love comes from (thats reality). Well the only reason I bring this up is because I wanted to let you know I have a sentimental side too. When I called home my daughter was crying for me (2 yr old), yeah for me, I stated before I didn't even think she knew who I was. My wife didn't even have to lie because my daughter said it on the phone. Its hard to beleive shes talking and actually crying for me. It actually choked me up so I guess I must be a little sentimental, how about that Erik. Well a week or two and I should be home on R&R if I last that long. I guess thats not funny, its wierd you always here about soldiers on their way home and counting the days down only to get wacked in the last day or two. God forbid the damn plane crashing. Well I should get going, hey, all you happy-go-lucky people, here's your sunshine for the day.

Monday, July 18, 2005


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With thoughts of going home, your imagination can do tricks. With one last mission to go on and the days counting down for leave (were getting ready to fly out). It was a beautiful night with not a cloud in the sky. We were all laying on our backs looking at the stars, their one thing thats nice about the desert skies and thats the ablility too or the thought that you can just reach up and touch the stars. While your laying there you think about being with someone that love, preferably a female in my case, your imagination can get the best of you. Well thats what was taking place when I dozed off under the desert skies only to be woken with a foul smell. Erik happened to be laying next to me, "Erik did you shit your pants?" no response but laughter. You could assume he was the culpret, then I noticed that someone was hanging onto my hand, Erik you son of bitch. What the hell are you doing! Well it was early Friday morning when we departed on our mission south to Talil where our mission was to take us. The mission lasted three days with one nights sleep of the three. Very quick trip, utilizing both heicopter and fixed wing aircraft to get to our destination. The flight by aircraft took 2hrs which didn't include the chopper flight on each end which was the reason for the loss of sleep. I didn't bring my thermometer so I couldn't give exact temps but it was hotter than the hinges of hell (coined by Erik), which was not far from the truth. We left Baghdad with temp of 125 and there was no comparison, HOT! Training went off without any hitches and gave us the opportunity to sight see some. From the base you could see the Temple of Ur (moon temple), named after King Ur-Nammu. The town was also aptly named Ur, this occured around 2112BC to 2094BC. At that time it was also the port to Babylon, obviously theirs no water near there now. This was also the birth place of Abram (Biblical), not like Erik thought, Abraham Lincoln. In more recent times this temple area was off limits (Saddam) and was patrolled by military forces for the vantage point that it had on the air-base. Since our invasion this temple area has been open to coalition forces and was really was quite neat to see. We were able to take vehicles and drive out into the countryside which felt eerie. Normally when you leave post you take gunners, it just seemed strange heading in a vehicle by yourself. As I stated the temps were incredible and fear of being stranded out in desert comes to mind, you just wouldn't last long. When the winds blew you could just feel yourself cooking. On the ride out sitting in the hummvee you could feel your ass cooking to the metal bed of the hummvee, incredible heat. On our arrival we were to have picnic, nothing like planning.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Sentimental ERIK!

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If this is what things have come to I surrender. Erik has been giving me a bad time and things have really come to a head. I often wakeup with Erik pacing over my head, hey Erik settle down things will be OK, go to sleep. Will I wake up in the morning? Well it was a waste of a day, the winds blowing and sands hanging in the air. No flights today because the visibility is poor. Temps hit 111 degrees which felt cool compared to yesterdays 121. Life and time goes on and the days are counting down for R&R. My baby girl is waiting for her papa to come home and celebrate her second birthday. It seems as though I don't even know who she is. Moms got my picture on the monitor and she keeps walking by it and calling for me and looking around the house. I feel so guilty for not seeing my little girl girl grow up. I happened to be on active duty when she was born. I feel as though shes been left out of my life, she was the only child that I never got to see come in the world. As time goes by here, it will be a lifetime of catching up at home. Well, it going on 8 mos, I finally got pictures of the kids, theirs not a minute of the day that I'm not thinking of the kids (6). The kids have mom haggered and she doesn't have time to think. I hope she survives the deployment. I hope I survive the loneliness.


Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Traffic Deaths for 2003 were 38,252 people. 42,643 when you count cyclists and pedestrians. Statistics received from www-fars.nhtsa.dot.govs

Murder Statistics for 2002 were 14,726 -DC and Florida. Last statistics for Florida 1077 and DC were 301. www.ojp.usdoj.gov/bjs/welcome/html

Vietnam deaths ? 4-,---, I guess thats mystery as numbers change.

Now thats something to die for. It really makes you think where people have their priorities.


Temperature Today-121 degrees at 1430/2:30 P.M., its a hot one today.

RATIONALIZING and expecting/accepting the inevitable. Before coming to Iraq I was excited and asked myself, is this how I'd die. Do I want to die from a heart attack when I'm 50 or dying for a cause that I do or do not agree. However and whoever determines why we are here makes no difference what so ever. WMD , oil, or human rights, it makes no difference, were here and life or death is inevitable. Were pushing the 2000 mark for dead soldiers and here the grumbling from all sides from everywhere. You would think people would be more compassioniate for people stateside and worry about the slaughter of human life there, then 10,000 miles away. I don't know what the statistics are for auto fatalities or murder in the streets of America but they far out weigh the loss of human life here. You know you don't here about that, you just here about the agenda of peoples political or personal views. Hey wake up its about the country as a whole and not just for a few. Stand up and be recognized and not scourge of the earth. I'd rather sacrifice life then be struck down in my prime by drunk driver or by a thug down the street with a handgun.

What life has in store nobody knows, is it, has my life been predetermined. Lots of things go through your mind when your shook from your bed by an explosion that wakes you up from a dead sleep. Well thats what happen this A.M., you start to think about how you can control things and its just not possible. You have concrete bunkers that you can go to and its all split decision making. Its amazing how many people are so interested in seeing whats going on, gawking syndrome takes lives as people run to the scene only be taken by secondary explosions or what have you. You become desensitized to your surroundings and take on the attitude of who cares, its not like your going to be told the truth about what actually occurred, hey thats secret, than goes the lockdown and coverup. Yeah phone lines blocked, internet access shuts down so families can be updated (hush, hush). You really don't find out word in less it happens to be someone within your office or unit. Anyway you just do the drop and roll and hope it happens to be your day (roll from the bed to floor or just say piss on it, well I just pulled the blankets up and hoped for best. What can you do?) IS IT YOUR TIME?

Well needless to say it was a long weekend, Chicagoland 400 turned out to dismal for my driver, another DNF (did not finish), times running out for the chase. I guess its just as well I' m in Iraq, I hope it will be easier to suck up his losing the points championship from here than being home and ridiculed for liking the most despised driver (Jeff Gorden). You know thats how I feel at times being here. Being a part of the greatest country in the world and than being despised by people of your own country. NOW THATS SACRIFICE! NASCAR RESULTS for the weekend-Dale Earnhardt pulled off the victory, it was a victory he needed. He has had such a dismal run, he needed something. Congratulations Little E!

Well I was keeping track of temps til the temp got to high and mercury in the bulb separated and was unable to shake it down. Its always nice to have fellow soldiers that want to help as if it were their idea, than breaking ---- that I had control of, THANKS! Well as time goes by we all start getting on peoples nerves. I will be straight forward and let you know I get on peoples nerves, ask ERIK. I know I get on his nerves and he definitely gets on mine. Well my last post got Erik in trouble, so to speak. SGM read the post and it happened to come down from above. Those weren't Erik's words they were mine (doesn't mean those aren't his feelings, my interpretations have been known to be wrong and will leave that for Erik to post). For all the people that I didn't think could read, that did, POST A LOVE NOTE or FIRE A ROUND OVER MY HEAD I"LL GET THE MSG. Doesn't change the outcome or anybody feelings, especially mine. SHIT on the msger.

Well the mission goes on and Erik and I will be heading out on another mission. One last trip and last minute changes put me on the roster to hit another location. This last location will have taken me from north to south and the whole expanse between. We should be flying over the Garden of Eden area and should be exciting. Theirs nothing more exciting than flying or jumping from a plane, if you have control, or if your able to make decisions in the matter. You always think about burning in or getting shot in the ass. As you look at some of the aircraft you can see holes in the seats before you sit (bullet holes). Theirs one thing of dying in a crash but getting shot in the ass is not the way I perfer to go. The adventure continues.


Monday, July 11, 2005

11 July 05 Weather-incredibly beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky with high temp of 115 at 1500 hrs.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

10 JULY 05

Weather-Clear skies in the A.M. with sand hanging in the air by 1200. 1530 temps hit 110. dust settled out in the evening.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

HELL YES! Peachtree 10k/6.2 mi

Peachtree 10k/6.2 mi
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Curt Draft Delete
Weather: Temp 116 (1630 or 4:30 P.M.) beautiful blue skies in A.M.-By noon the dust settled in with 1 mi visability. By this evening things cleared up. www.weather.com has on site states highs of 106. Najaf is south of Baghdad-Baghdad doesn't offer temps-go figure. Go to link for forcast ie 5-10 day forecast.

NASCAR UPDATE: Jimmy Johnson on the pole for Chicagoland Sheetrock 400-go to my link Nextel Cup Race. Race Sunday

I guess by now you can figure out that I'm a race fan. Updated profile and links should be noted. Called home this A.M. 2300 hrs Central Standard time, kids still up and running mom in the ground (never gets a break). At least during the school year, mom has the opportunity to get the kids in bed by using school for an excuse. No rest for mom- just wanted to drop Pete and Michelle a thanks for offering assistance in car maintenance. I'll be heading home here for R&R in Aug and will have to catch up and prepare for the up-coming MN winter. Change oil, rotate tires, check fluids and close the pool that never got opened (sounds fun). Well excited about the weekend and hoping to catch the race which I've missed the past couple of weeks. We usually get at least one day off if something doesn't comeup. Don't worry your monies not going to waste (US), everybody knows where everybody lives and so they just come and get you anyway(any time day or night-not like home where you can just ignor the phone ). This past Sunday was a day-off, oops I forgot the SGM made it mandatory to do a 10k/6.2 mi run, affiliated with Peachtree in Atlanta. It was fun to get out and run (really), sucks being told you have too. See attached photo-Sgt Holtan's favorite SGM is in the photo-whats your name for him Erik? (Erik calls him a sawed-off pip squeak! obviously, always behind his back) Yeah its a leadership thing, yeah I'm working with him, sound famialiar doesn't it Pete. I'll be keeping an eye on him and kicking him once or twice. Well, heading home and being that Erik's so sentimental, I'll have to get some ideas (Mr Romantic), NOT! I need Female insight, Help!

Friday, July 08, 2005


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The RAGER!! ranting and raving
OK! OK! OK! I get carried away and it has been a while since I've posted. Erik has been giving me a terrible time everyday, hey have you posted. My response has been no, I will try and start making an effort. I started reading a few links from Erik's blog, the "Long Strange Trip", its time to start dropping the real sccop on Erik, he's really not that sentimental. The picture with this post, is the real Erik, it looks like he's being prodded from behind with a hot-poker. This is ERIK on a good day. Yeah, he has issues but now you know why I rant and rave. The weather in wonderful in Iraq is dismal today, hot and supposed to get to 114. The past couple of days have been beautiful (clear blue skies and temps 110-120, not a cloud in the sky), today-sandstorm/sand in the air with visability 1/4 mi, enough to choke you off. Well good news or it appears to be-safety precautions have gone into effect, the powers to be finally implemented cable or a barrier to put in front of the chow-hall. Boy that took a genious to figure out. Maybe I'll start eating in the chow-hall (DEFAC) again. Obviously the news in London portrays the thoughts of what I thought was going to happen in the chow-hall (no I think I'll stick to takeout, THANKS). Well I posted a few pictures of the true rager and hope to link to other blogs. Katy I hope you like the picture of the true Erik, when you want the true scoop of him drop me a line. I won't hesitate to tell you. I will also except constructive criticism, take in whats important for personal growth and discard the rest.

Thursday, July 07, 2005