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Thursday, July 28, 2005

K & M

I looked the information up when I got home last nite (they gave us literature on environmental and cultural, its very interesting). They handed them out at FT. Bliss when we came over and at that time they came up short, so not everybody got one. Soldiers have seen me with it and have asked where I got it, obviously not everybody got them through OIF I, OIF II and OIF III. Rains start in Oct and go through spring, at this time nite time temps also drop. There is a definite line where rain hits, in the southwest probably not much at all. East and North when we've flown over you can see nothing but watermelon fields (surprise). Iraq had been the worlds largest producer of dates before the many conflicts they had ie Desert Storm and OIF (Operation Iraqi Freedom). Northern Iraq averages 760-1000 millimeters (30-40 inches), while other parts of Iraq average 100-170 millimeters elsewhere in the country. 90 percent of the rainfall comes between Nov and April. The tea
m that Erik and I are on was made up at last minute. When we were informed that we were coming over we had to sign a voluntary waiver to stay 12-18 months. If we didn't sign, it would just have delayed the inevitable and the people that arrived before us would have had the opportunity to pick where they wanted and we would not have had any choice but pickup the openings. We were broke up into 3 destinations Kuwait,Afghanistan and Iraq. Mind you I didn't volunteer to come here, are team was half female and they decided they didn't want females here at the time (command decision). The majority of females have done a great a great job, I see no difference between males and females (OBVIOUSLY SOME STRENGTH ISSUES), but I have interacted with females in the chain of command and at times they garner more respect then the males (seen some real drip-shits). I know theirs talk about not putting females in combat but hell if they do that they just as well as prevent them
from voting or becoming President. Its hogwash, let them serve if they want. Its always nice to see the opposite sex, as it breaks up the monotony of things. YES, YES there can be quite a bit of sexual promiscuity but that goes in both directions (It takes two individuals to do the down and dirty, if you want to refer to the females as ------ and the males as dogs, yes, in every aspect whether your here or at home your still wh---s/dogs. Its all a matter of self respect. There is no definitive time frame for our return but the sooner we come home the sooner we would be coming back over. This means if we go home early, we may turn right around and come back. Christmas would give us a time to be with family over the holidays and keep us off a rotation (nobody knows). CHRISTMAS! would be a great timing in both aspects (that will make 12 mos, nice even number). It will also put me at about 22 yrs and they can kick me out or put me out to pasture lol. Erik on the other hand has anoth
er 6 years left. I would actually like to stay in and would not mind a return trip but need to spend time with kids before their gone. Children range from 2 yrs to 15 with a spread of about 2-3 yrs between for a total of 6. Can you believe that my wife actually hinted to one more, I think I dropped the phone (lol).


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Okay...There is a nicer more gentler Curt Caldwell.
You better enjoy your children now because there childhood only comes around once. This is the best times to be a parent...when your kids are young. Stay safe.

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