Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Temperature Today-121 degrees at 1430/2:30 P.M., its a hot one today.

RATIONALIZING and expecting/accepting the inevitable. Before coming to Iraq I was excited and asked myself, is this how I'd die. Do I want to die from a heart attack when I'm 50 or dying for a cause that I do or do not agree. However and whoever determines why we are here makes no difference what so ever. WMD , oil, or human rights, it makes no difference, were here and life or death is inevitable. Were pushing the 2000 mark for dead soldiers and here the grumbling from all sides from everywhere. You would think people would be more compassioniate for people stateside and worry about the slaughter of human life there, then 10,000 miles away. I don't know what the statistics are for auto fatalities or murder in the streets of America but they far out weigh the loss of human life here. You know you don't here about that, you just here about the agenda of peoples political or personal views. Hey wake up its about the country as a whole and not just for a few. Stand up and be recognized and not scourge of the earth. I'd rather sacrifice life then be struck down in my prime by drunk driver or by a thug down the street with a handgun.

What life has in store nobody knows, is it, has my life been predetermined. Lots of things go through your mind when your shook from your bed by an explosion that wakes you up from a dead sleep. Well thats what happen this A.M., you start to think about how you can control things and its just not possible. You have concrete bunkers that you can go to and its all split decision making. Its amazing how many people are so interested in seeing whats going on, gawking syndrome takes lives as people run to the scene only be taken by secondary explosions or what have you. You become desensitized to your surroundings and take on the attitude of who cares, its not like your going to be told the truth about what actually occurred, hey thats secret, than goes the lockdown and coverup. Yeah phone lines blocked, internet access shuts down so families can be updated (hush, hush). You really don't find out word in less it happens to be someone within your office or unit. Anyway you just do the drop and roll and hope it happens to be your day (roll from the bed to floor or just say piss on it, well I just pulled the blankets up and hoped for best. What can you do?) IS IT YOUR TIME?

Well needless to say it was a long weekend, Chicagoland 400 turned out to dismal for my driver, another DNF (did not finish), times running out for the chase. I guess its just as well I' m in Iraq, I hope it will be easier to suck up his losing the points championship from here than being home and ridiculed for liking the most despised driver (Jeff Gorden). You know thats how I feel at times being here. Being a part of the greatest country in the world and than being despised by people of your own country. NOW THATS SACRIFICE! NASCAR RESULTS for the weekend-Dale Earnhardt pulled off the victory, it was a victory he needed. He has had such a dismal run, he needed something. Congratulations Little E!

Well I was keeping track of temps til the temp got to high and mercury in the bulb separated and was unable to shake it down. Its always nice to have fellow soldiers that want to help as if it were their idea, than breaking ---- that I had control of, THANKS! Well as time goes by we all start getting on peoples nerves. I will be straight forward and let you know I get on peoples nerves, ask ERIK. I know I get on his nerves and he definitely gets on mine. Well my last post got Erik in trouble, so to speak. SGM read the post and it happened to come down from above. Those weren't Erik's words they were mine (doesn't mean those aren't his feelings, my interpretations have been known to be wrong and will leave that for Erik to post). For all the people that I didn't think could read, that did, POST A LOVE NOTE or FIRE A ROUND OVER MY HEAD I"LL GET THE MSG. Doesn't change the outcome or anybody feelings, especially mine. SHIT on the msger.

Well the mission goes on and Erik and I will be heading out on another mission. One last trip and last minute changes put me on the roster to hit another location. This last location will have taken me from north to south and the whole expanse between. We should be flying over the Garden of Eden area and should be exciting. Theirs nothing more exciting than flying or jumping from a plane, if you have control, or if your able to make decisions in the matter. You always think about burning in or getting shot in the ass. As you look at some of the aircraft you can see holes in the seats before you sit (bullet holes). Theirs one thing of dying in a crash but getting shot in the ass is not the way I perfer to go. The adventure continues.



Blogger Erik Holtan said...

Make sure you tell everyone the EXACT flight path we are taking also, so the RPG's can be aimed ahead of time! And you forget to say what time we leave.
And YEAH I am sick of your ass!
ANd that explosion this morning was me farting!

3:28 PM  
Blogger aka_Meritt said...

I had a long rambling comment just now about humans being scared of what they do not know, not seeing the forest for the trees, about being too lazy to study facts before spouting off, and a few other things but I think it's best to just delete it.

Instead I'll say; Thank You for being there... and I hope y'all get to come home safe.


4:15 PM  

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