b intheair: August 2005

Monday, August 29, 2005


People ask why I've had so many careers, Jack of all trades and try to master everything came from the military. The military and a father which I've divorced myself from, gave me the inspiration for flying and flight (Licensed Private Pilot as well as A&P Mechanic). The military has a lot of rewarding opportunities but wouldn't wish them upon anybody. Military life at times can be exciting, educational as well as a lonely life (don't wish it upon anybody). The military is and has been my family for close to 25 yrs, it will always be. Its comforting to say, soldiers/Marines that I have served with will always have a place in my heart. Airplanes which have been a love of my life have also been the heartache of my life. This LOVE was taken away by a worthless and callous company (Northwest Airlines), NorthWORST Airlines. Being employed by this worthless company has destroyed my faith in human kindness and decency. I've always strived for perfection, this is my problem. In striving for perfection, if I see something thats not right, I make changes. While being employed with NorthWORST Airlines, I was told by and in no circumstances that I was to operate below standard and use my license (A&P license) to sign-off inferior work to save the company money (not to put MONEY in MY pocket. I did my job for the safety of the flying public which in the long run would have saved litigation as well as enhanced performance of the airline which in return would have put money in my pocket). Meeting standards and putting out work that would not endanger public was my goal. Refusing to sign work that was inferior and not to standard lead to harrrassment on the job and threats to my family as well poor and dangerous work environment (this harrassment was by both management and union employees). Now lets feel sorry for a company in bankruptcy and its employees that look for nothing but the almighty dollar. Want a job and more money, get off your ass and get an education and work for a living. As far as a company goes and a company in bankruptcy, you won't see excecutives taking paycuts. It would be just as well to see everyone in NorthWORST Airlines burn in hell. Need a match give me a call. GOOD NEWS BAD NEWS and lets return to fair play. NORTHWEST/NORTHWORST AIRLINES SUCKS, GO TO HELL, BURN IN HELL, let the suffering begin. No handouts here, get a real job, one that you can take pride in.

Sunday, August 28, 2005


Yes, weekends are the worst around here. Before Curt ever left for Iraq, I looked forward to weekends--he was off from work(unless he had to go play weekend warrior), and we actually got to spend a little time together. Now however, I am alone caring for six children, who at times want to do six different things, and none of them are happy if the thing we do is not what they wanted. Some of them even throw temper tantrums---they must get this from their papa. Anyway, since Thursday I have had all six kids, plus the neighbors 4 kids(they are all friends). You know, if you have six, you could just as well have 15--at that point numbers don't mean much. Any way, I know it has been awhile honey since I last posted. Matthew had his first and second soccer games. His first one he scored the only goals and tied the game for them. The second game he scored 2 of the 3 goals and it was tied for a long time, but one slipped past our goalie, and the other team ended up winning. You know I told Matt it just did not matter if he won or lost, but that he played an awesome game. However, Matt, like Curt is very competitive and knows that if you play a game, you play to win. Matt usually plays center for his team, but has played goalie once. I could tell that when he was in the goalie post, he was just itching to get out there and kick that ball around. Matt is growing frustrated(even if there have only been two games). He handles the soccer ball very well, and both games he dominated in bringing the ball down the field, only to find that none of his teammates followed him to help him out, so he was faced with 5 opposing players all by himself. His coach during both games could be heard saying "Come on guys Matt keeps bringing it down--you all need to be helping him out down there" Matt is a good sport though, always complimenting his teammates and encouraging them. He has fun. One parent even told Matt, "Your teammates need to be helping you a lot more, you can't continue to do what you have done the last two games--we will wear you out." He was saying this after he told his own son that he needed to help Matt out more on the field. My daughter, also lost her second game. Curt's daughter lost her first game--bummer. I was not able to go to either of these, as I was busy transporting kids back and forth to practices. Meghan has a game today--I will be going to cheer her on at this one. Nik, Curt's son, has had stuff going on since Thursday also--football season is starting up--which means practices M-F and a scrimmage this weekend. You see why I say weekends are the worst. Yesterday we were going to go to Valley Fair(an amusement park), but we got there and it was very busy. We have season passes and have gone about 20 times this summer, so, since it was so busy, we just left. My brother was with us also, and the neighbors, so we decided to go to a movie instead. Now think about that--11 kids and two adults trying to decide on one movie to see---not an easy task. We got it down to two movies--The Dukes of Hazard and The Brothers Grimm. I took the two little ones and my daughter and three friends and my son and his friend while my brother took my step daughter, my stepson, and the oldest neighbor girl to the Brothers Grimm. Dukes was funny--the kids got a kick out of the explosions and of course our four year old loved all the jumps the cars did. Today is Sunday, and we are in the process of getting ready for church. Some of the neighbor kids want to come with us, so it should prove to be interesting. Our church services in the summer are pretty laid back--they are held outside, so it is a lot easier on the little ones. Well Curt, you should be pretty much caught up on our goings on. I miss you terribly and was so happy to hear your voice again after five days of not hearing or seeing you. I love you--continue to be safe--and be nice to those that make you want to scream.


Well it was a long trip, leaving Baghdad on the 2nd of Aug and finally getting home or in Dallas on the 5th and starting leave on the 6th. Yeah 4 days travel which took me from Baghdad, Kuwait, Ireland, Dallas and than Minneaplolis (7000 plus mi and 18 hrs flight time). Two locked downs (customs) in Kuwait with nothing but cereal and milk for two days. With all the abuse, delays and long flights, really makes you think twice about going home. My return trip was just as bad getting stuck in Kuwait for 4 days waiting for a flight back home (Baghdad), I'm glad theirs not a war, what am saying I guess I'm here, hmmmmm! My return trip took me from Minneapolis, Dallas, Frankfurt Germany, Kuwait and then Baghdad. While in Kuwait for 4 dys waiting for a flight, we had no communication what so ever, none. Its strange not having (sad)communication and not being able to touch base with family or letting them know your alive when they expect or have gotten used to talking when we wanted or needed in most cases. Fifteen days leave with nine days travel, 2 Aug and getting in Baghdad on the 26th, ridiculous. Family time at home was great and I spent a lot of quality time together with the kids. I had plans to do a lot of things around the house but felt so guilty as the kids needed so much attention. Sorry Mom, we missed the boat and didn't get the time we needed, we had plans to spend quality time (alone time) but really didn't work out as we expected. Its probably good because it will give us something to look forward too on my return (mmmmmmm). Judy's probably glad that I'm gone, yes, I had a couple temper tantrums, I tried. Updates, pictures and some of the things we did will follow. I really missed the blogging family and SPF. Sorry I missed you in the cities Meritt, Erik saved me four cookies and gave me the impression that was it. Yeah, I know he probably ate several dozen. The girls and I made cookies at home and they didn't taste as good as yours. You are wonderful and thankyou so much.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Hello out there in blogger land. It is Curt's wife again. Well it has been a little over two days since we dropped off Curt at the airport. We dropped him off Sunday am around 715, and I knew it was going to be difficult, but I did not realize this feeling would again last this long. You know it is kind of funny, when Curt was first deployed back in January, it took me a while to get used of him not being next to me when I would roll over in bed; then I kind of liked having all the bed to myself(except on those nights our four year old decided he wanted to be near me)--no one pulling all the covers off of me. Yes, Curt, honey you do this quite frequently to me--which I am sure you will vehemently deny--I love you REGARDLESS. Anyway, once he got home on leave and I had to share the bed and covers again, it took a while to adjust, but it was nice knowing that when I rolled over, there was someone that loved me, cared about me, and made me feel safe. Now, I am faced with that empty feeling again, and I really do not like it at all. However, with 4, sometimes 6 kids, there is not time to sit and feel down---life must go on and kids must be feed, changed, and entertained at times. On Sunday after dropping Curt off at the airport the two little ones and I went back home for a little while, and then we went to Curt's company picnic(Army Natl Guard). Erik, we saw Missy and the kids there, and I even got to hold the baby for awhile. She is adorable--it really made me miss that baby stage. No, Curt, I don't want another baby. While at the picnic I got to talk with Erik and Curt's First Sgt's wife. It was nice to see and talk with people that knew and really understood what I was going through. We did not stay long as we had a soccer game to attend. My daughter, Meghan, had her first soccer game and unfortunately they lost--but they have the potential to be a good soccer team. On Monday my four children and the neighbors' four children went to Minnehaha Falls--very beautiful day for this. The kids all enjoyed wading in the water and skipping rocks. I was daring enough to bring our 9 month old beagle with us also, but he did not enjoy the water as much as I thought he would. Monday evening we went to the neighbor girl's soccer game, and her team also lost--worse than Meghan's team. Monday morning I received a call from my work asking me if I would like to work Monday or Tuesday night. I decided after having about 18 days off it would be nice to go back and get into the swing of things at work, so I decided to pick up Monday night. So, after the evening soccer game, I came home and got the little two ready for bed, and put little Miss Olivia to bed--she promptly asked for her papa to put her in her cribby. Well that just about broke my heart and I had to remind her where Papa was. For the last 5 months when we asked her where Papa was she would reply--Raq-faaaa faaa away. So that night I had to remind my little princess that her papa was far far away. She did not take kindly to this news, but eventually fell asleep. So Monday night it was back to work--which was really nice. I am a night charge nurse at a subacute nursing home only 2 miles from home. It was great returning, but I was saddened to see so many of my residents(about 7 or 8) had passed away. When you work with a resident for four years, they become like family, and at times it is hard to have them die. I also had to train in a new RN(she just passed boards)--this was not what I had in mind my first night back after having 18 days off---I myself felt like there were a lot of residents that I did not know. The night was busy, but, it was a nice outlet for me. Sometime--who am I kidding--all of the time now--work is my only "alone" time. I came home and slept about 4 hours. Tonight there are two more soccer games to get the kids to. Thank God we have neighbors that are on my son and my daughters teams, so we just car pool. I will be attending my sons game tonight--I only hope he has better luck than the girls had. Well that is about it from my end since my hubby left. To Curt--I miss you terribly, and I hope to sit down and blog every other day if not every day to let you know what is happening in our lives. To all the people who read our blogs---thank you for your support and kind words. We need to let our soldiers and their families/loved ones know how much we appreciate the sacrifices they all make on a daily basis. Also, Curt, I am looking forward to a call from you letting me know that you arrived safely back in Iraq. I love you honey and miss you terribly. The kids are doing well and have seemed to adjust to your leaving better than I have. Stay safe!!! Oh, honey I almost forgot to tell you that Tony called this am and we talked for about ten minutes, and he was so sorry that he could not get through to you while you were home. I gave him your address--he does not have the internet, so that is not an option. Erik--sorry dude your roommate should be back in no time--keep each other in line.

Judy(Curt's wife)

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Curt's returning to Iraq

Hello everybody--just a short note to introduce myself. I am Judy--Curt's wife. Curt has been home for 15 days and is scheduled to return to Iraq tomorrow. It has been a real blessing having him home, however, it was difficult to try to squeeze in 8 months of absence into two weeks. I feel like Curt will actually be happy to get back to Iraq for somewhat of a break from me and the six kiddies. We had a lot of fun. Curt was able to be home for our daughter, Olivia's, second birthday. We celebrated at a hotel/water park and had an awesome time. We got together with a couple friends, went to the beach, went to an amusement park, went to two zoos, and made a stop at Curt's employer. The days went by quickly, but we had a very nice time. I am sure tomorrow's good byes are going to be hard--especially for our four year old,Zakery. I have been preparing him everyday--saying that papa will need to go back for awhile,however,I know that I am not prepared to say good bye, so I am sure he will have a hard time too. That is all for now--just wanted to introduce myself and say hi, and Erik, if you read this, know that you are in our thoughts and prayers as well.

Monday, August 01, 2005

FOB Spiecher, Lift Machine for container operations

Ok,Ok, I know you think its strange putting a picture of this on my blog. Besides being an aircraft mech, welder, construction trades, EMT, nurse, for the past 5 yrs I worked for the railroad (Canadian Pacific RR). A machine similiar to this one is the one I operate for the railroad. Can you say more power (Home Improvement), these machines are capable lifing close to 100,000 lbs (Max wt for highway is 80,000 ie semi truck. Needless to say when drivers are to dumb to unhook containers from their chasis, they better hang-on. I usually teach them a lesson by picking the trailor and truck up and shaking the shit out of them. It usually only takes one time of getting picked 1-2 ft off the ground and dropping them to let them know they better pull their head out) which is incredible in itself. The only reason you don't want to lift more is because you would end up dipping the machine over. So some of the pictures I've taken are goofy by your standards but HEY! I've also taken pictures of the rails running off into the distance. People stasteside don't realize how much freight is shipped by rail. Majority of heavy equipment for the Armed Services is shipped by rail due to the weight ie tanks. I have to laugh at people who say the hell with the rail and why do we need to subsidize them. In time of war you would find out in a hurry, how the hell would you get equipment to the ships to send? I appreciate all the support that the military has been getting but there are a lot civilians in harms way supporting us and working overseas. The person operating the lift machine is a civilian. Yes, their paid well but live in the same conditions the soldiers do and don't carry weapons to protect themselves either. All these containers are driven in from ports in the Persion Gulf, military and civilians. Servicman and women are eternally grateful for the jobs they do (at least I am), they to should be supported. I wanted to THANK them for the conveniences that they bring. Well, I got rid of my weapon and feel naked. I'll be flying home in the next couple of days for R&R. Kathy, if you want me to bring something back for your son let me know. I can pick it up from the states and mail it to him when I get back here. Does he need anything?