Sunday, August 28, 2005


Yes, weekends are the worst around here. Before Curt ever left for Iraq, I looked forward to weekends--he was off from work(unless he had to go play weekend warrior), and we actually got to spend a little time together. Now however, I am alone caring for six children, who at times want to do six different things, and none of them are happy if the thing we do is not what they wanted. Some of them even throw temper tantrums---they must get this from their papa. Anyway, since Thursday I have had all six kids, plus the neighbors 4 kids(they are all friends). You know, if you have six, you could just as well have 15--at that point numbers don't mean much. Any way, I know it has been awhile honey since I last posted. Matthew had his first and second soccer games. His first one he scored the only goals and tied the game for them. The second game he scored 2 of the 3 goals and it was tied for a long time, but one slipped past our goalie, and the other team ended up winning. You know I told Matt it just did not matter if he won or lost, but that he played an awesome game. However, Matt, like Curt is very competitive and knows that if you play a game, you play to win. Matt usually plays center for his team, but has played goalie once. I could tell that when he was in the goalie post, he was just itching to get out there and kick that ball around. Matt is growing frustrated(even if there have only been two games). He handles the soccer ball very well, and both games he dominated in bringing the ball down the field, only to find that none of his teammates followed him to help him out, so he was faced with 5 opposing players all by himself. His coach during both games could be heard saying "Come on guys Matt keeps bringing it down--you all need to be helping him out down there" Matt is a good sport though, always complimenting his teammates and encouraging them. He has fun. One parent even told Matt, "Your teammates need to be helping you a lot more, you can't continue to do what you have done the last two games--we will wear you out." He was saying this after he told his own son that he needed to help Matt out more on the field. My daughter, also lost her second game. Curt's daughter lost her first game--bummer. I was not able to go to either of these, as I was busy transporting kids back and forth to practices. Meghan has a game today--I will be going to cheer her on at this one. Nik, Curt's son, has had stuff going on since Thursday also--football season is starting up--which means practices M-F and a scrimmage this weekend. You see why I say weekends are the worst. Yesterday we were going to go to Valley Fair(an amusement park), but we got there and it was very busy. We have season passes and have gone about 20 times this summer, so, since it was so busy, we just left. My brother was with us also, and the neighbors, so we decided to go to a movie instead. Now think about that--11 kids and two adults trying to decide on one movie to see---not an easy task. We got it down to two movies--The Dukes of Hazard and The Brothers Grimm. I took the two little ones and my daughter and three friends and my son and his friend while my brother took my step daughter, my stepson, and the oldest neighbor girl to the Brothers Grimm. Dukes was funny--the kids got a kick out of the explosions and of course our four year old loved all the jumps the cars did. Today is Sunday, and we are in the process of getting ready for church. Some of the neighbor kids want to come with us, so it should prove to be interesting. Our church services in the summer are pretty laid back--they are held outside, so it is a lot easier on the little ones. Well Curt, you should be pretty much caught up on our goings on. I miss you terribly and was so happy to hear your voice again after five days of not hearing or seeing you. I love you--continue to be safe--and be nice to those that make you want to scream.


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