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Friday, September 02, 2005


Wednesday started early, 0500 setup and 0600 shot clinic was up and running. It was an incredibly long day which finally ended around 1830 hours. The numbers are still coming in but would have to say Erik and I seen 200 plus soldiers with some soldiers getting 2-3 and 4 shots coming to a total of about 600 shots. By the end of the day we were fit to be tied, as people just kept coming. It will be interesting to see how many we actually did. Erik and I also did our debut in the show business as we made several public address announcement for the MN Army National Guard which will debut at Viking and Gophers games. It seemed a bit hokey but what the hey. PT (physical fitness test) scheduled for the end of the month so I've been getting up early to hit the gym. Eriks been complaining that my early morning workouts are bothering his beauty sleep. I've been hitting the rack early and he's been staying up late playing the X-Box, so I guess turnabout is fair play. Looking forward to hereing a post and seeing pictures of my son riding his bike without training wheels. I felt so guilty that my R&R came to an end without being able to put my sons chain back on his bike before I left which I never got too. The next door neighbors put the chain on but couldn't do much about training wheels (broken) which helped jump start his riding without training wheels. It always makes you proud to see your children make mileposts in life. Post a picture for me mom. Gotta go, love you all.


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Ack! You said VIKINGS GAMES! Which only serves to remind me that I don't LIVE THERE ANYMORE.


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