Monday, September 05, 2005


Well its 0500 in the morning, been up since 0300. I've been thinking of my wonderful wife. I placed several calls over the last couple of days with no luck (phone lines were down yesterday). I know you worked over the last couple of days and are probably tired, just miss you. Its race day this morning so as I'm blogging while keeping an eye on the race. On my way down to the office you have one those thoughts of? Where the hell am I? As I look off in the distance I see the palace completely dark with the exception of a few lights. Its pretty incredible just thinking of where I'm at and what I'm doing. The weather tonite/morning is just beautiful and somewhat cool (probably low 80's but very nice. Never thought I'd say 80 degrees was cool but it is) and the skies are very clear. You can just see the stars just bursting in the sky, just so brilliant and bright. Well yesterday was a slow day and everything Erik did just drove me crazy (whistling, clapping his hands, and then had his earphone in and jamming. Mouthing music, clapping and rocking back and forth in his chair). As this is going on he's trying to carry on a conversation with the Colonel. What he doesn't realize is when he's listening to music, he hears about 2-3 words out of a sentence. The Colonel repeats what he's saying 3 or 4 times, sometimes I'd like to rip that God-damn earphone right out of his ear. I don't think the Colonel knows that he has an earphone in or if he even knows what an earphone is. I got so frustrated or annoyed that I just started laughing instead of choking his dumb-ass. Yeah, I get on his nerves too. Well yesterday we threw horseshoes and you can see the pictures. Won one and lost one. You can also see my coffee cup that I forgot to wash or rinse out when I went on leave, MMMMMMMMMM. Let me get a knife and spread that wonderful mold on some bread. TTYL


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